Tom Smylez

About me

I show you a very confidential picture of my very first love. I was 5 years old and Santa brought it to me. <3

my first love.
my first love.

Since then the noise became louder and the keyboards bigger. ^^


here's a list of stuff i had and still have at home :)

In regular life, I work in an office as administrative emp. but when weekends arrives, I´m behind the keyboards, working on new tracks and remixes, preparing the next DJ set or setting up new strategies with the Skytrace Guys, Jasmin and Sam.


My dream is to live from my music, to leave a message together with my songs. My electronic tracks are more "short time burners" but my piano classic tracks are personal stories, much more then tracks you buy just because everyone does at a time. All the songs made mostly with the piano tell stories of my life, chapters that left traces on my soul.


´nuff said. Just check it out. :)